The packaging as a starting point

Based on a home production series at the request of the Bijenkorf Eindhoven, Dust is a limited edition sunglasses.

Every Dust sunglasses is unique, made by hand. As a limited edition, every essence of wood will be represented by 3 glasses, all numbered.

Dust comes from an experimentation with wood leftovers as an additive to plastic. As much as a composite enhancing its properties than an aesthetic additive and natural pigment.

The fabrication process of this product is a visual allegory of the contemporary manufacturing process: starting from the raw elements of nature to create a functional and specific tool. This tool is created by a combination of various elements to be used in a natural environment and improve our condition with it.

Those glasses start from a raw piece of wood, which is cut on the shape of the glasses, sanded and reduced to the smallest. The glasses are then re-shaped from the dust as the main binder connecting all the elements to finally be put back where it comes from: into the wood.

material: Specific essence of wood / Polypropylene lenses (filter category 3) / Magnets / Epoxy crystal clear


Dust March 2014