Keep cool on the beach

Inspired by the various landscapes of norwegian's fjords, Vann answers the primary need for water in those environements but link it to the luxuary of keeping it cold. In most of the environnement, the ground as much as the sea are pretty good at keeping a constant and cool temperature, Vaan is using those two elements as coolers.

Vann is composed of a container, a rope and a stick. All those elements are dissociable and resistant. The bottle is made out of stainless steel with a Supertherm© paint (REF) coating on the top avoiding the bottle to get warmed from the sun.

The two simples ways to cool the water is to use the thermal conductivity of the stainless steal by burrying the bottle into the sand, or attaching the rope or the stick to leave the bottle in the cold sea water.

material: stainless steel, nylon rope, silicone, Supertherm© paint.


Vann June 2014