Alumni from the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Master Program in ECAL in Lausanne, Thomas’s works aims for innovation through the design practice.
After working for a year among the design studios Formafantasma and Mathieu Lehanneur, he started defining his work in a simple sentence: Finding new physical interactions with our surrounding.
To do so, his process aims global understanding of a context through data gathering, research and various points of view.

His practice is based on three main axes:

Sensitive Interactions
By merging different aesthetics and environments together he aims are to create surprise and interest without removing the functional aspect, thus focusing on the pleasure of use.

Material Innovation
Focusing on new ideas of manufacturing technic, it is through a rigorous hands-on development that materials reach their real potentials and find their right application for it.

Contextual Understanding
Researching for different expertise is the core of the product development's process, considering not only aesthetics but design as an all.
This gathering of data aims to create a precise contextualization for the adequate product.